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Instead of wood this light/economical material BalanceBoard is produced up to 30% of fast-growing useful resources and by this it sets new standards in sustainability. Although BalanceBoard is up to 30 % lighter than conventional chipboard, nevertheless it is just as strong and workable as comparable conventional chipboard panels.




LivingBoard face P7 - the panels for tough conditions offers with its unsanded contiprotect surface, significantly better moisture and swelling values than other timber materials. Thanks to formaldehyde-free bonding, they are almost natural products in terms of emissions and absolutely in line with LEED. 



PremiumBoard Pyroex B1

Pyroex B 1 - the flame-retardantPremiumBoard Pyroex B  1 - is a fire-resistant wood-based material with the classification B-s2 with the additional safety in the event of fire. With the aid of PremiumBoard Pyroex B 1, the so-called “flash-over time” can be delayed, and the fire even prevented in some cases.

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